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Ajout de XSDDiagram version 0.3
  • Allow to edit the attributes label in order to copy a label in the clipboard
  • Put *.xsd as default load extension
  • Put xpath (/) instead of chevrons in the path
  • Add the abstract element support
  • Zoom accuracy
  • Fix some bugs (sequence/choice/group not always display in complexType)

  • Ajout de XSDDiagram version 0.2
    • Automatic download of non local import
    • Print per page
    • Vast virtual scrolling diagram
    • Top/Center/Left alignments
    • Put chevrons in the path
    • Fix some bugs (simple type and documentation space)
  • Ajout de la premiere version public de SpyWindows version 0.1


Ajout des anémomètres de Brest et Saint-Malo sur la page météo

2006/10/01 Nouveaux utilitaires

Ajout de FastHexaViewer et de XSDDiagram.

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