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2011/03/18 04:11:11 Fm
Your small planet app does not download from the app store, can this be updated ?

2011/03/29 19:34:43 Sha (Singapore)
Hi! I downloaded Small planet from ITunes not too long ago. Many of my friends started asking abt it n to our dismay, it's no longer available in the app store. Could you pls make it available? Shesohaha@gmail.com

2011/04/05 21:54:13 Regis
SmallPlanet for iPhone: I'm very sorry but my developer subscription with Apple just expire, and the surprise is my application is no longer available! I'm very sad about that. I still don't know if I will pay again 79 EUR for that subscription. You can now let comments in this page: http://regis.cosnier.free.fr/?page=iSmallPlanet

2017/02/15 09:36:51 pregunton
any updates in 2017?


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