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Paint by Numbers for Android

This application allows you to turn any photograph to a ready to paint printable canvas.

Once printed on a real canvas, you just have to paint the numbered areas with the matching colors in your palette.

A limited free version exists and the advanced version allows:
- To edit the palette.
- To access to the advanced parameters.
- To manage several projects.
- To export the result in a SVG file (in order to edit it).

  1. Touch the top left button and select "Open a new image".
  2. The image is analyzed and should appear with the numbered areas.
  3. To check the result, you can zoom with two fingers or pan with one.
  4. The top right button opens the parameters panel which allows changing the number of color, the size of the numbers, etc...
  5. To print the result, touch the top left button and select "Export to PDF".

  1. It is recommended to choose images with less detail as possible. Increasing the blur power helps to reduce the details.
  2. You can also use the application with a mouse.


Android device version 4.0 or later.



Copyright (c) Regis COSNIER, all rights reserved.

The screenshots are a derivative of:
- "Rose laser" by T.Kiya, used under CC BY-SA 2.0
- "Puppy" by DM.Sumon, used under CC BY 2.0
- "Burano island" by A.Onufrienko, used under CC BY 2.0
- "Brandy Alexander" by A.Valli, used under CC BY 2.0


2014/09/19 23:05:07 Kerry Mann
Hi, Paint by Numbers Free looks like a great app! [Regis edit: Sorry, but this not a place for a marketing request, thanks anyway] Thanks, Kerry

2014/11/24 10:17:43 Austernperle
Great App. I'm glad, that I found it in play store. Kind Regards Susan

2017/09/19 21:56:46 Rick
Do you have a version for windows 7?

2017/10/01 16:23:10 Regis
@Rick Sorry, no, or may be something not usable, it is only for test :-(


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