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METEO-FRANCE, les bulletins de prevision marine ( Brest)


2019/08/02 15:40:20 yvettekcamp@gmail.com
Dear Regis. I purchased your paint by numbers about 6 years ago approx. I wanted to download it again but have tried your free one and once it is downloaded it just comes up 'paint by numbers has stopped working' I love the app and want to use it again. I have a Samsung tablet and a laptop. What can you suggest? Thank you, Yvette

2019/08/02 17:03:15 Regis
You could try to remove the folder ".paintByNumbers" at the root of your device using a file explorer app, and then try to uninstall and then install the application again. This folder contains the saved projects. Not sure that it will make it works. I hope. Regards, Régis


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