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Today, my little funny application Small Planet has been released on the App Store.

EDIT 2011/04/05: not available anymore because my 79 EUR developer subscription with apple expires! May be, it's going to come back but for 0.79 EUR


What planet are you from?

Generate a small-planet from where you are and send it as a postcard to your friends!

This application makes a stereographic projection of the place you are on the map.

http://regis.cosnier.free.fr/soft/ismallplanet/iPhone-SmallPlanet.png http://regis.cosnier.free.fr/soft/ismallplanet/iPhone-Map.png



1) Select a place on the map
2) Drag and drop the orange humanoid on the map
3) Push the "Go" button to generate the planet
4) Adjust the planet like you want by rotating with one finger or zooming with two
5) Save the result in your photo library


- iPhone (3GS or later), iPod Touch (3rd generation and later) or iPad
- Internet connection (Wifi or 3G)
- GPS recommended

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