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  • New XSDDiagram version 1.2 with the following changes:
    • Add infer XSD from XML menu.
    • Fix a null reference exception in the documentation (Thanks Mario M.).
    • Add the namespace in the command line option -r (Thanks Kevin).
    • Add the option --no-gui to prevent the UI to be shown (Thanks Kevin).
    • Add multi-(language) documentation (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/issues/8).
    • Fix the URL escaping in the import (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/issues/11).
    • Add the attributes of an element with the option -a for text output only.
    • Fix bad case sensitivity to reference the elements (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/issues/15).
    • Add search functionality of showed elements (shortcut Ctrl+F) (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/pull/17)

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