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Free Tide Mini is a free harmonic tide predictor for the java mobile phones (J2ME MIDP 2.0 only).

It is a port of XTide (actually WXTide), so it uses the regular harmonic files. Only the ASCII file is supported, the new TCD binary file is not supported yet.
These harmonics files could be put in the jar midlet before the installation process, or you can try to load it from the filesystem (with some permission warnings).
Because the RAM is very limited in J2ME platform, you should reduce the size of the files by removing the stations you do not need. Also, you can strip the comment lines from these files (The lines beginning with #).
For instance, I only care about the french stations, so after striping the harmonic files I get about 300Ko of data which seems to be well accepted by my mobile phone.

Notes: Check the summer time in the configuration to adjust the day light saving.

Version 0.3 Copyright (c) 2008 Regis Cosnier, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software and may be distributed
according to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


LEFT/RIGHT keys to go backward or forward in the time.
UP or BOTTOM keys to come back now.




Copyright (c) 2008 Regis COSNIER, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software and may be distributed
according to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.


2009/01/07 18:03:30
Bonjour Excellent... Mais. :( Ca met hyper longtemps à afficher un résultat. Je voulais utiliser à la base un autre portage de Xtide (mutide), qui est très rapide mais je n'ai pas trouvé comment mettre les ports francais. Trop content de trouver Free Tide Mini, sauf que c'est cent fois plus long à s'executer sur mon Nokia pourtant tout neuf. Ca s'explique, ca peut s'améliorer? Merci!

2013/01/24 19:06:36
Hi my name Anh and from Viet nam, I was read your FreeTideMini in java for mobile, it’s very great for me when I used on my phone But I found a problem , when I extract your Freetidemini.jar and change tide a port of France to VietNam . I change main port Cherbourg in France to main port Mui Vung Tau in Viet nam and your program work correct ( I compare with Wxtide32), but when I change Subport River Ho Chi Minh (with correction main port Vungtau) , it’s run uncorrect in time from 20h today to 03h tomorrow Example Your Freetidemini calculate 25/1/2013 21h49 = 2.4 m Wxtide32 25/1/2013 21h49 = 2.1 m FreeTide get error is 0.3 m , its too larger ( I was test many time and also check difference GMT time in Viet nam and France but get error 0.3m ) Special sub-port in France correction with main-port Cherbourg work very good (same result with Wxtide32 I don’t khow why it uncorrect in sub-port Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam (37 data Vungtau ,Datum get from Wxtide32 and of subport HoChiMinh ) Can’t you review your source code and make it calculate correct I hope version 0.4 soon , thanks very much and hava a nice day P/S can you email for me at missduonglan15@yahoo.com.vn


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