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[Does not work anymore with Windows 7 and later :'( ]

MacroDollar is a free macro recorder and player for Windows. It is written in C++ and released under the GPL.
Initially created to earn money with adverts bars, this small utility is usefull to automatise a lot of task: move windows, click on buttons, fill textfields, and so on...


Macro Dollar allows you to record mouse and keyboard events in one Journal.
In the advanced option, you can play several Journals in one Scenario.




Copyright (c) 2002-2004 Regis COSNIER, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software and may be distributed
according to the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


2005/10/19 21:15:14 Robert
Very useful!!!

2010/09/17 23:11:35 Grant
The only macro recorder I will ever use. It is free, reliable, and my antivirus isn't saying it is virus. Sometimes even if a program doens't have virus it will have a false positive. Not this time!

2014/10/21 23:28:09 Tony
Don't touch this with a 10 foot pole, at least on a Mac Running Bootcamp and Windows 7. Clicked play and it instantly crashed computer, never had that happen before and lucky it wasn't permenant.

2015/01/17 11:54:57 NL
Does not work on all (win 7) computers - can cause BSOD / just don't function.

2015/01/21 10:09:39 Regis
@NL MacroDollar is now very old. To work again, I must buy a certificate. So, I give up :-( Sorry. Régis

2015/11/05 10:58:01 Vinayadas
awsome application

2016/01/18 01:33:24 tester

2016/03/22 02:11:21 Tester
Play option is disabled. Other than just copying the folders attached, we should set up anything to proceed

2016/06/08 20:33:48 Wagadugu

2016/12/12 18:19:21 Brazil
do not Work in Win 7 .. no recording.. useless...

2017/08/29 08:10:43 Vikram

2017/10/12 12:09:49 Arq
The only macro working with Xrap =D Can record simple macros but I'm missing shortcut for Starting recording also starting and stopping playing. This would make it even better =) It also sometimes stopping clicks in the active window. Mouse cursor is moving but not clickig.

2017/12/07 08:35:14 Best in show!
Can blue screen if memory is wrong

2017/12/19 03:25:33 ellllllllllllllllllllll
cannot download, this is sure cannot no longer work with windows 7 how about windows 7 old no update ?

2018/11/26 19:45:55 Doubt
How can i up the speed of a record?

2019/01/12 11:39:06 informant
OK I have to say I tried this program under win7 and it works! I have windows 7 Home premium and I started the program under an administrator account. And it works flawlessly.

2020/01/06 23:37:03 Paulo
Ça marche impec, nickel sous Windows 7 (2020-01-06)

2022/02/19 21:46:58 What-WIN10
Installs, buttons click -- but, no run [tried Winmacro v1.2, first, and same thing: no run!


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