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Paint by Numbers Creator for iOS

This application allows you to turn any photograph to a ready to paint printable canvas.
This canvas is exportable in a PDF, SVG, PNG or JPG file.
Once printed on a real canvas, you just have to paint the numbered areas with the matching colors in your palette.
The projects can be saved for later editing.

  1. Touch the top left button and select "Open New image".
  2. The image is analyzed and should appear with the numbered areas.
  3. To check the result, you can zoom with two fingers or pan with one.
  4. The top right button opens the parameters panel which allows changing the number of color, the size of the numbers, etc...
  5. To print the result, touch the top left button and select "Export to PDF".

It is recommended to choose images with less detail as possible. Increasing the blur power helps to reduce the details in the application.


iOS 11.0 or later.



Copyright (c) Regis COSNIER, all rights reserved.

The screenshots are a derivative of:
- "Rose laser" by T.Kiya, used under CC BY-SA 2.0
- "Puppy" by DM.Sumon, used under CC BY 2.0
- "Burano island" by A.Onufrienko, used under CC BY 2.0
- "Brandy Alexander" by A.Valli, used under CC BY 2.0


2015/12/10 05:29:14 Jenny Irvine, Ca
This app was the best app I have ever used. I painted a portrait of all my immediate family members using the app and I am giving them as Christmas presents. All of them turned out beautiful. I love paint by numbers but I am so tired of the limited designs out there. Now I can paint any picture I want! I love all the features that can change the numbers of colors used and detail. After emailing the PDF to myself, I love how it prints out with the picture already colored, the colors needed, and the template itself. I think you are a genius and I plan to use this app much more. This app is easily worth at least $20 to download. It's any picture you want to paint. You can't get better than that!

2015/12/10 12:57:41 Regis
Thank you so much for this very kind review. I am so glad you enjoy my application. Do not hesitate to tell me new ideas for improvement, or what is bad in the user interface! I will try to improve it.

2016/01/10 16:45:02
Great App! Does everything I want, including being able to create your own palette! One thing: please make a manual. There are some features I don't understand in the advanced settings, and with the creation of the color palette.

2016/01/13 12:03:57 Regis
Thanks, I will try to add more help for the advanced settings and the palette editing :-)

2016/02/15 16:57:13 Mark T
Very cool App! I noticed that it loads photos in a landscape orientation only. I have some very nice portrait pictures but the are distorted when I import them. I will have to convert those to landscape to use them. Any chance to allow portrait imports?

2016/02/19 15:09:50 Regis
@Mark T Thank you Mark. I do not understand because the application allows to load any image orientation. In the next version, the photo picker will rotate, but your issue is not the same. May be your images in a portrait orientation are very big, and cannot be load by the application. I will investigate.

2016/02/22 16:12:34 Mark T
Sorry for the confusion, when I save a portrait picture it changes it to landscape. This skews the output making the result short and fat. Thanks for looking into this.

2016/12/13 05:08:59 Lee
this is not the kind of app I was looking for . Ijust downloaded it less than 5minutes ago . Would yor please refund my purchase? I would very much appreciate it and I do apologize for the inconvenience . Thank you so much in advance !

2017/04/26 15:51:57 How it work
hello, maybe can you create a tutorial ? thanks

2017/07/04 20:56:27
Vertical photos keep opening in horizontal mode. Distorted. On iPad Pro and iPod touch. What's wrong?

2017/07/04 21:00:10 KBSnyc
Portraits keep opening in landscape format, distorted. What's wrong?

2017/07/05 01:05:37 KBSnyc
Testing, I see that if I edit the photo on the iPad and save it, then it adapts correctly. That work on three Portrait photos. Stay tuned.

2017/07/06 20:48:49 Regis
@KBSnyc Ok, thank you for this new report. I'm checking again...

2017/07/10 11:16:56 Regis
@KBSnyc The bug is now fixed, sorry for that issue. The updated app will appear very soon when Apple approves it!

2017/07/29 12:45:05
Your app is awesome. How do I transfer the image to the canvas?

2017/08/23 16:48:34 Regis
To transfer on a true canvas, you may use specific canvas for printer (amazon.com or others). Or you could try to copy it by transparency if the canvas is transparent enough: * just print the image from PaintByNumber (with thick lines), * put it behind the true canvas with a light behind. I hope it help.

2017/11/19 23:30:51 Kayla
I had high hopes for the ap because PBNify is free and it works pretty well, I was just hoping for more control. PBNIfy has some options that this ap does not - like choosing your own pallet Why do so many lines overlap? it's so confusing when you try to paint it. There should be an option to have the painting print on several pages for bigger paintings. We should be able to swap colors on the pallet. I liked the colors in the photos I used, but even when I used 20 colors, I got 6 shades of black instead of the bright magenta I wanted. Also, when I change preferences, the ap should show me what my painting will look like. Because I see all these extra details that have no numbers so clearly, they won't be in the finished painting. The numbers should be able to be printed smaller. I used an ap to make my painting into a poster (over 4 pages) so I could use a smaller font for the numbers and then I wouldn't have any arrows or giant numbers making my panting confusing. I could go on. Also, if we have 18 colors in our palet, then rather than omitting those colors completely, the ap should replace it with the closest color.

2017/11/26 16:50:42 Rika
Thank you so very much for creating this app. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this! I have been playing around with test images and I am appreciating all of the options for changing line thickness, line color, etc, etc etc. My only request is that I be able to work with more than 20 colors. I’ve used the app on my iPhone and on my iPad. Im going to try using it on my iMac to see how that goes. Im not even sure I can download it but I’ll try. I want to work with quite large images and image files, so using the iMac might work best for me. The difference between using the iPhone and the iPad was significant so I’m hoping to get even better images on an iMac. Again, my feedback and suggestion is to allow for much more than 20 colors. Ideally, id like to work with up to 75 colors. Thank you! It’s a great App and I love it!!!!

2018/01/03 06:40:24 Brooke
Please help with the last step. I don't see a paint by number when I export, I only see the colored photo that I have uploaded and blurred etc. How do I see the actual paint by number that I need to use the app? Thank you

2018/02/11 00:14:05 RichardU
Can I get this to run on a PC Windows 7

2018/02/13 07:42:02 Mom
How many pages can one image be printed? Put another way, can one image be printed so when all the pages are put together the result is a 3feet x 4feet image?

2018/03/08 15:39:53 H.
Does anyone know if this app has the feature to create the paint by number in a grid/pixel format instead of freeform? Looking to do a poster where one square is filled in at a time. Additionally, wondering how large the print file would be. For example, would the file size be large enough to be able to print a poster 5-6 feet wide? Curious! Thanks!

2018/06/14 00:21:06 Mo
How do I enlarge the image to print to the size of my canvas? Thanks!

2018/06/14 03:50:17 Regis
In the next version, I will add the possibility to select the paper format (A4, A3, Letter, etc...).

2018/12/19 04:20:24 Crafts&Giggles
Hello, We are just now starting a YouTube channel and i would love it is f you can email me Samatari90@gmail.com

2019/08/18 17:28:27 Anne
Why has this app disappeared from the UK app store? I was telling a friend to download it, but it is no longer available.

2019/08/19 08:29:12 Regis
@Anne I hope the app will come back this week. I did not even notice that Apple requested a new agreement. Sorry for that.

2019/08/19 08:52:12 Anne
Great, thanks.

2019/09/02 21:40:05
Hi, I just downloaded this app and it is pretty good so far - are you planning on updating it anytime soon? I love what it does but some of the areas are translated too small, is it possible to simplify the regions in future edits without having to increase the blur? Also, could you include an image in the export PDF that shows what the painting will look like without the lines? I'd love to have the option of using up to 24 colors if possible! Thank you!

2019/11/24 15:13:54 Alexis
I’ve recently came in contact with the app and I love it. The only thing is where do I get the color pallet paints. Do I have to mix my own or does is already come package together with all the paint colors on another website?

2019/11/24 15:24:11 Alexis
I’ve recently came in contact with the app and I love it. The only thing is where do I get the color pallet paints. Do I have to mix my own or does is already come package together with all the paint colors on another website?

2019/11/24 15:28:15 Alexis
I’ve recently came in contact with the app and I love it. The only thing is where do I get the color pallet paints. Do I have to mix my own or does is already come package together with all the paint colors on another website?

2019/11/24 15:28:28 Alexis
I’ve recently came in contact with the app and I love it. The only thing is where do I get the color pallet paints. Do I have to mix my own or does is already come package together with all the paint colors on another website?

2020/01/31 22:12:31 Josie
To H and anyone wanting to enlarge image to tile on larger canvass. I suggest saving as PDF and enlarging to size you want. Then change the page/print setup to Poster ... or Posterize. It has been a while since I've done it, but that process in general has worked for me in the past. :)

2020/03/21 02:40:21 Susan
What happened to this app? I use to love it but isn’t working all of a sudden.

2020/04/13 20:19:56 Michelle
I see palette at bottom of picture, but it is not letting me paint it?

2020/05/06 11:32:46 John
Good app. It is more convenient for me to work on a computer with windows. I use this application http://paintings-by-numbers.com/?f=t1

2020/09/24 01:41:02 Dipan
@John - do you use the Home license of the application you mention, or have you upgraded to Professional/Commercial? Did you come across any alternative softwares for Windows?

2020/12/17 07:15:12 LAYAH_CHOICE_OFFICIAL
tried this and uhhh...?

2021/01/14 02:44:03 Reighea
Hi there! I love your app so much.

2021/01/14 02:44:04 Reighea
Hi there! I love your app so much.

2021/01/15 21:17:10 stevemorey@comcast.net
Can this app be used on my Macbook Pro?

2021/01/23 18:24:27 Ecrem
I'm a teacher and I want to know if I could make an image and put it in my blog, then my students could play online.

2021/01/29 09:17:01 Regis
@Ecrem I do not own any copyright in any image you create with the app. You can make screenshot of the app and published it like you want. @stevemorey@comcast.net Sorry, it is not yet available on Macbook. I hope one day...

2021/02/27 18:23:23 Lesley Parkinson
I have 2 ipads, one still on ios 13.4, one on ios 14.4. This app is not running well on ios 14.4. Struggling to load, pdf screen is partly blacked out. I love this app. Can you fix it? Thank you.

2021/03/16 17:59:35 Regis
@Lesley Parkinson I guess that you have selected a lot of colors which makes the image procession slower. Please, reduce the number of color in the parameters.

2022/07/03 10:50:17 Sylvie
Bonjour Régis, je pense prendre votre application si la palette proposée sera fidèle à mes couleurs Ma photo sera déjà passer dans Vector, Procreate , je souhaiterai il n’y ait pas de retouche au graphisme, juste numéroter mes espaces, mes couleurs sans les modifier Est ce que c’est possible ? Merci pour votre attention


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