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After Emu48, here is my new application Emu42 for Android has been released on the Google Play store. It is an Android port of Emu42 for Windows.


My new application Emu48 for Android has been released on the Google Play store. It is an Android port of the famous Emu48 for Windows.

  • New XSDDiagram version 1.2 with the following changes:
    • Add infer XSD from XML menu.
    • Fix a null reference exception in the documentation (Thanks Mario M.).
    • Add the namespace in the command line option -r (Thanks Kevin).
    • Add the option --no-gui to prevent the UI to be shown (Thanks Kevin).
    • Add multi-(language) documentation (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/issues/8).
    • Fix the URL escaping in the import (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/issues/11).
    • Add the attributes of an element with the option -a for text output only.
    • Fix bad case sensitivity to reference the elements (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/issues/15).
    • Add search functionality of showed elements (shortcut Ctrl+F) (https://github.com/dgis/xsddiagram/pull/17)

  • New XSDDiagram version 1.1 with the following changes:
    • Fix SVG page size.
    • The error dialog should now appear if a local dependency cannot be loaded.
    • Fix the "use" field of an attribute with a reference (Thanks Christelle S.).
    • I increase the minimum width of an element when showing the documentation for an easier reading (Thanks Stefan B.).


New XSDDiagram version 1.0 for the 10 years edition with the following changes:
  • Add the documentation in the diagram.
  • Add a close entry in the File menu.
  • Add a recently opened list.
  • Add the selection of an element in the diagram and allow to move from one element to another with the arrow key.
  • Show the Windows Explorer registration menu only if we have the adminitrative right.
  • Disable the impossible actions in the menu and the toolbar when XSD file are not loaded.
  • Increase the icon resolution.
  • Allow the specification of a complex type in the command line as a root (-r element1 -r complexType2 -r ...).
  • And a lot of bugs fixed.


New XSDDiagram version 0.17 with the following changes:
  • Add CSV and TXT output rendering following the Christian's idea.
  • Log errors in the standard error console (when launched via command line).
  • Set the culture to invariant (prevent comma in floating numbers).
  • Fix a typo with "Attributes".

    My new application Paint by Numbers for Android has been released on the Google Play store.


    New Small Planet version 3.5 for iOS
    • Add iOS 7 interface. Change the colors to the default to be compatible with iOS 6.
    • Fix the Street View blue overlay.
    • Fix the offroad black small planets (in a building for instance).


    Small Planet is available for Android devices version 4.0 or later.

    What planet are you from?

    Generate a small-planet from where you are and send it as a postcard to your friends!

    This application makes a stereographic projection of your location on the map where Street View is available.
    It is also possible to project one photograph coming from the camera roll.
    Slide your finger on the screen, and then you can continuously move from a bird's eye view in the sky (mini-planet) to an insect view at ground level!

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