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New XSDDiagram version 0.12 with the following changes:
  • Improve the error message in case the image is too big to be generated.
  • Some element (complex type derived from a restriction) could cause an exception. These element are now display but can not be expanded.


Due to popular interest for CodeTV, I created a Github repository to speed up the development with the community.

Don't hesitate to create a fork of this project on Gihub, I will commit your changes in main branch!


New XSDDiagram version 0.11 with the following changes:
  • Remove the "Order" attributes in the source file XmlSchema.cs which are imcompatible with mono > 2.6!
    So, now XSDDiagram works again on any version of mono :-)
  • Add the option "-y" to force huge image generation without user prompt.
  • Fix some hashtable to dictionary conversion issues due to the previous refactoring.


New Mob version 0.6 with the following changes:
  • Modify the way the comments are displayed (charset and html characters).
  • Logo and CSS have changed.


New XSDDiagram version 0.10 with the following changes:
  • Add the XSD Diagrams core library under the LGPL/MS-PL license, thanks to Paul's refactoring.
  • Add the XML validation operation using the currently loaded XSD schema in the Tools menu.
  • When the WebBrowser is not available, use a TextBox instead (For Mono without WebBrowser support).
  • Mono version 2.10 does not work anymore with XML deserialization, so XSD Diagram is broken on Mono :-(

My new application Cake Divider has been released on the App Store.


The simple task of cutting a cake fairly is always a challenge when the number of slices is not a multiple of two.
This augmented reality application is very simple and draws on the screen a configurable number of slices over an image coming from the camera.
CakeDivider allows you to cut your cake fairly. It works for any kind of round cake, pie or pizza. It is simple and very useful.


1) Choose the number of slices at the bottom of the screen. This causes the screen to draw a sliced disk.
2) Hold your device over your cake.
3) Thanks to the camera, you just have to follow the traces on the screen with your knife and cut your cake perfectly.


- iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad
- Camera



The XSDDiagram source code is now available on the following GitHub repository:


New XSDDiagram version 0.9 with the following changes:
  • Allow to expand restriction type (Thanks to Hermann).
  • Fix an unicode issue with infinity character when building xsd diagram on linux.


Small Planet version 2.0 has just been release today ! Not free anymore, but the cheaper price allowed by Apple.


Today, my little funny application Small Planet has been released on the App Store.

EDIT 2011/04/05: not available anymore because my 79 EUR developer subscription with apple expires! May be, it's going to come back but for 0.79 EUR


What planet are you from?

Generate a small-planet from where you are and send it as a postcard to your friends!

This application makes a stereographic projection of the place you are on the map.

http://regis.cosnier.free.fr/soft/ismallplanet/iPhone-SmallPlanet.png http://regis.cosnier.free.fr/soft/ismallplanet/iPhone-Map.png



1) Select a place on the map
2) Drag and drop the orange humanoid on the map
3) Push the "Go" button to generate the planet
4) Adjust the planet like you want by rotating with one finger or zooming with two
5) Save the result in your photo library


- iPhone (3GS or later), iPod Touch (3rd generation and later) or iPad
- Internet connection (Wifi or 3G)
- GPS recommended

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